Educators in Illinois work daily to improve outcomes for all students. This includes developing preventative and proactive practices to lessen the need for intensive behavioral interventions like restraint and time-out (RTO). The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is working alongside district and school staff by providing guidance to reduce the use of RTO and additional support should a state complaint be filed against an educational entity for improper RTO.

In this module, Lisa Palese from Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative outlines her experience receiving a state complaint from the initial student incident through the resulting evolution in school support for all students. She details the process and how the Illinois State Board of Education walked alongside her each step of the way. The provided audio was a recorded stakeholder meeting from April 2023 and adapted into an online module.

 The learning objectives for this module are:

  • Understanding actual incident details that may lead to a state complaint
  • Learning the support a school or district has when receiving a state complaint
  • Identifying proactive strategies to reduce the improper use of RTO