Proactive Approaches to Behavior Management

This module focuses on creating supportive classroom environments by teaching appropriate student behaviors, accelerating learning, and decreasing inappropriate behaviors to minimize the use of punitive discipline. Factors that enable staff to craft the most supportive structures and strategies to enhance classroom management are also considered. The learning outcomes for this module include:

  • Understand the prevalence of trauma and its impact on behavior
  • Identify the effects of implicit bias through data analysis
  • Define the importance of relationships, physical structures, and instructional practices on student behavior
  • Recognize the value of teaching expected school behaviors and social skills

The ABCs of Understanding Behavior

This module focuses on the basics of understanding behavior. Examination includes the antecedents, or A; the behavior, or B; and the consequences, or C of the ABCs of behavior. We will describe strategies to support our learners who are demonstrating challenging behaviors. The learning outcomes for this module are: 

  • Define the ABC of behavior analysis
  • Recognize the operational definition of a behavior
  • Identify relevant antecedents
  • Identify functions of behavior
  • Identify consequences of behavior
  • Recognize cultural considerations of behavioral intervention