Our Team

Social-Emotional Implementation Coach

With a track record spanning over 19 years as a therapist, consultant, life coach, and unwavering youth advocate, Dr. Klingenberg's passion shines through in her unwavering commitment to her work. She thrives on collaborating with organizations, academic institutions, and communities in the pursuit of enhancing personal and systemic mental health growth.

Dr. Klingenberg's wealth of experience extends to the development and execution of clinical mental health and intervention programs, the design and delivery of transformative training and education courses, and the leadership of high-quality scholarly research initiatives. Her ability to build and guide teams towards achieving success and reaching their goals, especially within educational settings, sets her apart.

In addition to her impressive professional achievements, Dr. Klingenberg is an accomplished coach, guiding individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, and educators on their journey to unlock their full potential and achieve "The More" in their endeavors. Her innovative and creative problem-solving approaches have consistently made a positive impact on the diverse communities she has served. Dr. Klingenberg is thrilled to contribute her expertise as the Social Emotional Implementation Coach at CIBS, where her dedication continues to make a difference.